The Missing Jigsaw

The Missing Jigsaw

The Missing Jigsaw is a game in which you must complete the jigsaws

The Missing Jigsaw is a simple flash game in which you must complete jigsaws by selecting missing pieces. The game is comprised of ten levels of increasing difficulty, in which you have more pieces to complete as you advance. Of course, there will be more pieces than the ones you need for the puzzle. Your job is to click on the ones needed to complete the puzzle. You get points for every correct piece and you are deducted points for every wrong piece. Every level is timed, and if you complete a level really fast, you receive a time bonus. Sadly, the game only includes a few pictures that are repeated all over again, so it is easier because you already know them. Also, the wrong pieces you select will be crossed out, so you cannot get confused and click on them again. It would be great if you could customize that option to make the game more challenging and if it included more images.

When the game is over, you will be shown your total score and you will be able to share it on multiple social sites. If you want, the game can be played in full screen and even from your web browser. The game features simple but nice graphics, simple sounds and suitable music.

In short, if you are a fan of jigsaw puzzles, I'm sure you are going to like The Missing Jigsaw, but be warned that it won't be very challenging.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice game
  • You can share your results on three social sites
  • Free


  • The images are repeated too much
  • Not really challenging
  • No customization options
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